Packaging and producing viable films now requires an updated approach to stay competitive: budgets ranging from $5 to $20, or even $50 million, marquee names which have universal recognition and are affordable, creative co-ventures and co-production arrangements. And, most important of all:  great stories that have to be told, directed at specific target audiences. 


Making films using a few established names leavened with talented Cinevumers, assembled with a high level of craftsmanship, is the only recipe for true success. With intelligent pre-planning and carefully-chosen production crews (many coming out of television), finishing films on time and on budget can be the expected norm.


Our current array of outstanding feature film properties includes low-budget, high-profit genre fare, catering to specific target groups and with the maximum spin-off potential to generate extra revenue streams: DVD/Blu-Ray, CD-soundtracks, Internet streaming, Games, merchandising, music publishing, theatrical, novel and graphic novel versions, etc.


Nurturing our international relationships with major distributors, television companies, networks, cable channels, and the new media will also enable us to capitalize on film packages tailored exclusively for television and video. Increased emphasis must be placed on innovative TV productions, where the faster rate of return is readily achievable, and on-going revenue streams from “blockbuster” type productions is possible. 


And finally, to best achieve these ambitious production goals, I am herewith presenting CINEVU FILMS, a Canadian film & TV production company based in Vancouver, BC, with two decades of hands-on, film-making experience.


Perhaps a company’s greatest asset is its talent. In terms of production people, we will continue to encourage and attract the innovative, creative, and dynamic people necessary to fully realize the potential of our properties - and without whom our assets can only have limited significance.