Based in Vancouver, BC, CINEVU FILMS, Inc. was established in 1991 for the purpose of developing, producing and co-producing feature films, movies of the week, and television series that are commercially viable in the international marketplace.


Cinevu’s conversance with the multiplicity of avenues of film finance including Canadian Tax Credits, coupled with their hands-on managerial ethic, creative expertise, and over 30 years of combined producing experience, make it a prudent choice as production or co-production partner.


Cinevu has the ability to offer a substantial monetary contribution to the production through several areas.  Among others, these include Cinevu’s expertise in Canadian tax credit financing and the ability to secure a Canadian distributor/broadcaster. Furthermore, Cinevu’s track record affords it the ability to access federal and provincial government film funding.


Cinevu has excellent relationships with all BC unions and guilds, and is able to facilitate extremely advantageous agreements, as well as being able to negotiate with suppliers for the lowest rate available for all equipment and supplies, as a result of its volume of work and status as an indigenous production house. Cinevu is network and studio-approved and continues to develop relationships with companies in the US and Europe, in order to fulfill its mandate of producing consistent, commercially viable projects.


The principals of Cinevu Films are JEFF BARMASH, (producer/writer/lawyer) with a background in finance, production and distribution, and GEORGE ERSCHBARMER, experienced director/writer/producer/Special Effects guru, and GERALDINE BLECKER, (writer/producer, based in Europe), who has recently joined the team and is responsible for the company’s European activities and international co-productions.