HARD REVENGE: action-adventure by George Erschbarmer, Jeff Barmash, Michael Sloan, budgeted at $3-$5.5 mill.


Elite Special Forces operative RYAN LASSITER is involved in a hostage rescue mission that veers out of control. As a result, he resigns from the force in disgust - and goes his own way - vanishing off the grid – only to reappear years later. Ready to right some wrongs and dole out some hard revenge.


Available: Screenplay, budget

FIREBREAK - Action/disaster by Michael Sloan


Canisters of H1N1 flu are stolen by terrorists from an Army facility outside Denver. The thieves' AH64-A helicopter crashes in the Black Forest outside Colorado Springs. A casually-tossed cigarette starts a raging, out-of-control forest fire in the area. If the canisters explode and  the deadly pathogen is released into the air, millions of people will die. An ex-Special Forces Army Captain, nicknamed 'Gunner,' who runs a local helicopter rescue service, tries to find the downed chopper before an Al Qaeda terrorist cell can reach it and pick up the canisters. Also in the burning forest are teenagers from the local High School, trapped in the flames, and a mother and her teenage daughter being menaced by serial rapists. Their storylines intersect against the backdrop of firefighters - including the wife's estranged husband - desperately trying to stop the conflagration from engulfing the community.

THE HANDYMAN: One-hour action/thriller TV series from Michael Sloan, creator of ‘The Equalizer’


Thomas McQueen is a private detective in New York City, working for very high powered - and some might say corrupt, expedient and ruthless - Manhattan attorneys, to prove their clients innocent - or guilty. His methods are unorthodox, politically incorrect, not always legal - but he gets the job done. They call him “The Handyman” - because if you’re broke, he’ll fix it.


Available:  2-hour Pilot script, TV Series Bible with 12 additional storylines, Production Board of 2-hour Movie, Budget ($3.5 mill), Flyer, Proposed director: Jon Cassar


(aka “Captured”): Action-thriller by Matthew Jason Walsch, George Erschbarmer and Michael Sloan, budgeted at $1.5 mill. ‘Lara Croft’ meets ‘McGuiver’


REBECCA LAWRENCE, sexy, kick-ass, former FBI agent, is smart, edgy, often glacial; with a brilliant career ahead of her: that is, until her partner is killed by a car-bomb, organized by mobster ANTHONY PELASCO. Plagued by guilt, she feels responsible: she should have seen it coming… Shortly thereafter, she kills a suspect in self-defense, beating him to the draw with a bullet in the head. But it wasn’t a gun he was reaching for, and she could have taken him alive…

Leaving the Bureau, she starts up her own company, Bio Tech Investigations, using her intuitive investigative and forensic skills as an Accident Reconstruction Specialist. And all goes well, until she accepts a contract from her ex-FBI boss on a remote island, where she must suddenly take on


Arriving on the island, she is confronted by an odd assortment of people: a young couple, (who might even be federal agents), with a frightened little man in tow whom they seem to be guarding; an older tourist couple, who vacation on the island every year; the old geezer running the Resort Inn; and KLEY TURNER, an attractive, enigmatic game warden, to whom she is immediately attracted.


Suddenly, all communication to the Mainland is severed. Killers have arrived on the island and, one by one, the residents and guests are brutally exterminated. The assassins, sent by none other than mobster Anthony Pelasco to eliminate a federal witness, are paramilitary and well-armed. Isolated, Rebecca tries to uncover the truth, and the identity of Pelasco’s spy on the island. But before her violent showdown with the mobster himself, she must survive in the woods, alone and without a weapon. Incredibly resourceful as she is, she husbands her resources, and uses what she can find to prevail against overwhelming odds… and avenge her partner’s death.