SPINE-CHIL PIX: 5-Picture Sci-Fi/Horror Slate

These film projects have been specifically conceived to make use of a particular location within the Vancouver area, which can be utilized as an asylum, hospital/laboratory, college campus, monastery, haunted castle, ancient tomb, school, prison, recording studio, office building, police headquarters, etc. This would be our main studio and base of operations.


To be shot on state of the art Red cameras, the cost of each film would amount to $2 million, representing a total budget of $10 M USD for all 5 motion pictures. By remaining in one major location, rolling over crew and amortizing costs, the productions will have the look and feel of films costing two to three times as much, as well as allowing the Producers to enhance fees for star talent.


The Producers bring the screenplays, all underlying rights, their extensive contacts to talent and crew, as well as more than 30 years of hands-on film production expertise. As these projects qualify as Canadian content, the Producers can also provide 40-50% of the budget out of Canada, in the form of tax credits and the Canadian rights. Below is a selection of projects that are ready to go into production by mid-2015.  A further 2 are in final development and could be swiftly completed, to turn this film slate into a hugely successful “Spine Chill” franchise; in the nature of SAW, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, or SCREAM. The intent is to create a popular brand and lucrative franchise in the style of cult directors Quentin Tarrantino and Roberto Rodriguez.


Available: screenplays, budget, marketing plan, cast list, shooting schedule…

TRIBULATION: by Matthew Jason Walsh


“The music is a KILLER!”: In the world of hip-hop, CURTIS “2REAL” DAWSON was king. But all that was about to change when mysterious record producer MAX RAVEN approaches him to record a track for a tribute album to mark the twentieth anniversary of the death of the late great shock rocker, VINCENT VIPER.

RESURRECTION: by Michael Sloan


Seymour Sanitarium for the Criminally Insane can never escape it’s bloody past. For, 25 years ago, it housed some of the most notorious serial killers to have ever roamed the

roamed the US, until its medical career was ended in one night of bloody butchery. Now, given a new lease of life as a museum of the macabre, it is the last stop on the local horror tour bus.  And horror takes on a whole new meaning, as thirteen individuals are locked in the asylum overnight- no phones, no escape, no help. Only three will be alive by morning and the Seymour Sanitarium legend will be assured for another 25 years. 

VAMPIRE COLLEGE: Comedy Horror by George Erschbarmer, Jeff Barmash


Andy and Mark are best friends, two nerdy guys who

are about to have their lives changed forever when they spend a night on the town testing out a new guide book: ”How to Pick Up Chicks”. They miraculously seem to be having great success in spite of their ineptitude and the terrible advice from the book, or so it seems, as two beautiful girls take them home to spend the night. Unfortunately when they wake up in the morning, the girls are gone and they’ve got Vampire bites on their necks. While they are freaking out, a mysterious, yellow school bus - invisible to everyone else - pulls up and they swept off to their first day at Vampire College. Dedicated to the training and education of newly transformed vampires, Vampire College has been created by the Elder Vampire Council to protect new vampires from being killed off by humans - no longer such easy pickings as they had been through the ages. Between modern technology, movies, and the Internet, everyone seems to know how to slay a vampire these days… In order to teach them how to fight back, classes are offered in self defence: against silver and garlic, proper biting techniques, seduction courses, and everything else a new Vampire needs to know. In short: a veritable smorgasbord of hilarious visual gags and one-liners. 

THRESHOLD:   by George Erschbarmer, Jeff Barmash, & Michael Sloan

Nightmares can scare you. This one will kill you. Experimental research into the minds of serial killers goes horribly wrong, when their collective nightmares manifest into an evil creature that crosses the ‘Threshold’ from the realm of dreams into reality.

SPIDER’S WEB: Creature Feature by Michael Sloan


KALLIE MACQUIRE, young ER nurse, becomes obsessed with finding the real Chatsworth Sanitarium. But when she does - and wakes up in a functioning mental asylum - is she a victim, a patient, a doctor, or all three? Forces are at work here: evil forces. Parallel universes, which Kallie must transverse and survive, to escape from the creatures that control the Sanitarium. But who, or what, are they? Shadowy monsters created out of her own fears and neuroses? Or is her fear a very real and tangible terror?


SLYTHER: by George Erschbarmer, Jeff Barmash, Michael Sloan, Barbara Fixx


An experimental drug induces incredible rage and violence in lab animals.  Uncontrollable, they kill and destroy the research lab before they can be terminated. During the ensuing chaos, a snake ingests a large dose of the drug, disappears unnoticed and shortly thereafter, a small town is terrorized. This has the intensity and pacing of ‘Arachnophobia’ and the fear generated by ‘Jaws’


The Future. Mysterious murders take place on a starship returning from the uncharted edge of the universe. A team of investigators is sent via shuttlecraft from Earth to solve the crimes. One of the investigators is an old-school veteran, the other, an ‘MTO’, a Memory Tracking Officer. The MTO has a cybernetic socket in his neck that allows him to view the memories of suspects. When his interrogations reveal that there is an alien on board and a device of mass destruction that could destroy Earth, it is a race against time.