Cinevu Films is currently engaged in developing and financing a number of TV and Feature film projects for the international marketplace. These projects are a mix of TV series, Feature films and Television Movies ranging in genre from Sci-Fi to Suspense Thrillers to Romantic Comedies.

In today’s market films must be prudently financed through a combination of sources in order to minimize risk and maximize return. Cinevu has become very adept at combining these various components such as Pre-Sales, Tax Credits, Co-Production Treaties, Government Agency participation and Private Equity, all working in synergy.

Cinevu has developed relationships with Networks, Studios, Distributors, Sales Agents and Government funding sources that enable it to bring these elements together with private sector equity investment to create a winning financial formula.

With a strong background in the legal and financial arenas Cinevu has an Internationally recognized expertise in the multiplicity of funding avenues, particularly the tax credit/shelter incentives available for films shot in Canada. Not only has Cinevu been utilizing this to off-set costs of it’s own productions but has been engaged by numerous Networks, Studios, and Academy award winning independent producers to provide such services.