JEFF BARMASH, (President), a lawyer by profession, has an extensive background in the film and motion picture industry. Mr. Barmash was head of Business Affairs for five years at what is now Lions Gate Films prior to co-founding Cinevu Films. Jeff has been involved in and responsible for all phases of finance, production and distribution. He has also been extremely active and successful in the area of tax-credit financing, and is well-versed in dealing with all federal and provincial funds. Jeff is a hands-on producer as well as facilitating tax credits, distribution pre-sales and providing an overall comprehensive production-services package. His principal area of expertise is producing, financing and providing production services for feature films, TV movies and television series. Jeff is currently President of Cinevu Films Inc., engaging in film production in British Columbia.

GEORGE ERSCHBARMER (Director, Head of Creative Affairs) has been active in the film industry for over 30 years and for the last 20 has been directing both feature films and TV series. Every film George has directed has been profitable and has obtained worldwide sales and distribution, establishing him as one of the very few Canadian directors with a proven track record of consistently delivering profitable pictures. George is co-founder and principal of Cinevu Films along with Jeff Barmash. George has directed (and co-written) numerous features/MOW’s and more than thirty episodics. His work spans all genres and has earned him numerous awards and nominations. George is equally adept and comfortable with Action, Drama, Comedy and Sc-Fi requiring CGI. With a solid producing background, he is extremely conscientious about working within budget and on schedule.

MICHAEL SLOAN (Creative Producer/Writer), has had an illustrious career spanning more than three decades… to date.  He has written and produced over 300 hours of prime time television, including such cult TV series as ‘THE EQUALIZER’ (which he created), the original ‘BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’, ‘HARDY BOYS & NANCY DREW MYSTERIES’, new episodes of ‘ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS’, the new ‘OUTER LIMITS’, ‘KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES’ and ‘MYSTERY WOMAN’, the most successful series ever on the Hallmark Channel.  He was also the show runner on THE MASTER, (which he created) and BJ & THE BEAR.  He has written and produced several TV Movies, including EARTHQUAKE IN NEW YORK, FREEFALL, RETURN OF THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., RIVIERA and three hugely successful RETURN OF THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN & THE BIONIC WOMAN movies. He has written and produced several features including MOMENTS, MAX HAVOC: RING OF FIRE, ALIEN AGENT and ART OF WAR II: BETRAYAL starring Wesley Snipes. His latest feature, THE EQUALIZER with Escape Artists and Mace Neufeld Productions, starring Denzel Washington, is due to be released this summer by Sony Pictures. He has had a successful thriller, UNDERGROUND play in the West End of London and is currently writing a series of children’s books entitled: ‘PIPER’S ADVENTURES IN CARDLAND’. He has directed both theater and television. (full credits available upon request). Mr. Sloan is of dual citizenship. Born in New York, he became a naturalized Canadian citizen in 2007.

CLIFF HOKANSON, (Physical Production), is a passionate film industry professional with over 20 years of experience, as a  successful Camera/Steadicam operator for feature films and television.  Well-known for his ‘quick execution’ and his creative skills with camera movement, Cliff is multi-skilled in many facets of film and highly knowledgeable in the technical aspects of everything from lighting to post-production, he dedicates most of the year to DP’ing Steadicam and A/B Camera operating. Energetic and performance-driven, he has a proven track record for producing tangible results and thrives in a high-pressure, fast paced environment. Cliff has acquired a wide array of equipment that is available for many different needs, including: EPIC /RED One Cameras, Remote-follow focus units, Hot-gears, Remote Heads, Jib Arm (of his own design), Led Lighting, 3D RED Camera System, and much more. As methods of electronic communication rapidly develop, Cliff has stayed at the forefront of his field by continuously upgrading his experience level and skills, including the development of a live video-assist, twin playback-system (motion control), as well as his own RED/EPIC 3-D camera platforms. As Director of Photography and Cameraman, Cliff has enjoyed the challenges of working on everything from feature and independent films, movies of the week, documentaries, commercials and countless music videos; from shoe-string budgets to large-scale productions. Though Cliff lives and works primarily out of Vancouver, these projects have taken him to locations as far afield as Russia. Lastly, Cliff is known for getting down to business, keeping things within budget and saving production time and money.                                                                                                             

GERALDINE BLECKER, (Producer/Writer/Head of the European Division): Born in the UK and educated in both England and the US, Geraldine is of dual-nationality. With a solid background in journalism, music and the performing arts, (and several decades in the music business), she moved on to become an active film and TV screenwriter, lyricist, music and script consultant for numerous European productions and production houses, specializing in screenplay development and dramaturgy in Europe and the USA. Parallel to these activities and upon relocating to Germany in 1984, she has worked as a screenwriter, TV journalist and producer (IHT-TV, RTL, ZDF, Deutsche Bank TV), and as a freelance print journalist for a variety of music and film industry publications. In 2001, she entered the corporate world, joining the Board of Directors of Hollywood film production company Kings Road Entertainment, Inc., producer of more than 28 motion pictures including SLAP SHOT, ALL OF ME, THE BIG EASY, JACKNIFE, FASTBREAK, CREATOR, and the KICKBOXER franchise, where she served as CEO until 2007. During her tenure she was responsible for administering all aspects of a US publicly trading corporation: management, IR, public filings, film library administration, and was in charge of feature film development and international co-production activities. Ms. Blecker is still a shareholder of this Company. She is an active journalist, film critic and screenwriter, as well as popular voice-over artist (references to be found on her website), and joined Cinevu Films as a creative producer and Head of European Affairs in 2012. Her latest feature project THE SOUND MASTER to be produced by U5 Filmproduktion GmbH, has been subsidized by the Hessen State Media Board and is scheduled to go into production Summer/Fall 2015.

Ms. Blecker attended London’s National Film and Television School (focusing on production and media law). She speaks fluent German, can order a beer in French and Spanish, and hurl abuse in a handful of other languages. She is a member of the BAJ (British Association of Journalists) and AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists).

DIETER BROCKMEYER (Senior Consultant and Media Industry Publicist/European Division): Mr. Brockmeyer’s industry insight, with special focus on the European entertainment and telecommunications markets, among others, can be read in such renowned international trade publications as “The Hollywood Reporter”, “World Screen News”, or “Digital TV Europe”. His latest book in English, “From Connected TV to Coherent Media”, was published in September 2012, as volume 48 in the German ALM (German combined body of media authorities) book series. He also acts as a consultant to various film and TV production companies and the industry at large, and is co-initiator, organiser, and chairman of the annual EuroReg Conference, bringing together TV executives and regulators from all over Europe to discuss the future legal framework and business model of a converged industry.