TV-SERIES Concepts

IMMUNE: High Concept, Sci-Fi Series, by Jeff Barmash, George Erschbarme and Michael Sloan


“Lost” meets “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”


120 Years ago, an incredible celestial display captivated the world. A comet travelling past earth encapsulated the planet with an iridescent, glowing dust. For 3 days the dust contaminated everything it touched; water, food, and physical bodies. Little did anyone know that this was the first wave of an Alien invasion; the celestial dust just the beginning of a process by which human DNA would transform and human genes mutate, ultimately allowing aliens to inhabit and control the human body. Now over a century has passed and the transmutation is almost complete. In order to ensure complete domination, however, the aliens must eliminate an anomaly; certain humans, whom we will come to know as the “Immunes”. The few throughout the world whose DNA remains pure and unaffected. The unlikely alliance between a Xenogen, whose transmutation went horribly wrong, and an ultra-secret resistance group known as Noah’s Ark, must seek out and rescue the Immunes before the Xenogens can exterminate them. The earth's population is unaware that an apocalyptic battle is raging and that it is the Immunes, who come from all walks of life: house wife to serial killer, who hold the winning cards. Their lives will forever be altered as they are either exterminated, or rescued and relocated to a covert location, forced to leave everything and everyone behind.


Available: Full pilot script and series bible

CALL OF THE WILD (Season 2): Family entertainment TV-series, budgeted at $1 mill per episode, by Michael Sloan

The series is inspired by Jack London’s novel ‘THE CALL OF THE WILD.’ The retelling of this classic story maintains the integrity of the BOOK, the edgy and picturesque story of a dog and his instinctual yearnings for freedom, while broadening the storyline for SERIES TELEVISION. These episodes will contain high adventure, intrigue and drama infused with greed, hope, despair and exhilaration. The setting is THE YUKON of 1898 when the country has been seized with gold rush fever.  The people are adventurers, gold seekers and shady characters of all kinds, as well as ordinary families. In the series, as in the book, playing the prominent role is a dog named BUCK. His owner, young Miles is at the emotional forefront of this series.

He is a teenager, learning about life, growing up before our eyes. We will see his emotional development, feel his fears, hopes, dreams and sorrows. Every week follows the adventurous exploits of Miles and Buck and the diverse and rich characters that make up the town of 40 Mile.


Available:  2-hour Pilot script, “The Sheriff of Forty Mile” and production board, Series Bible with 16 additional storyline springboards, character descriptions

ONE NIGHT STAND: One-hour erotic TV drama series by Michael Sloan

We’ve all had them…

Or wanted to have them…

Or fantasized about having them…

Or regretted having them… ONE NIGHT STANDS…


The EPISODES of ONE NIGHT STAND are dramatic, erotic stories, each containing one or more strong lovemaking scenes, all episodes character driven. The only rule in the series is that there is no second chance. The lovers who come together, male and female, or male and male, or female and female, will only make love once. Our heroine in the series, Rebecca McBride, is a magazine journalist, writing a series of articles for a major magazine on the reason people engage in one night stands. Names in the articles will be changed, but not the circumstances.  Rebecca is intrigued by the question, and so is her editor: What brings two people together to commit this most intimate of physical acts and then never see each other again?


Although the storylines are currently set in various US locations, they can be easily shifted to anywhere in the world (Milan, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Prague, London, Zurich, Vienna) to reflect various local cultures and national traits. Sex is, after all, a global pastime!


Available:  Pilot script PICK UP, and series bible with 12 further episodes